How to Resolve Epson printer not printing error?

When you try to print the documents through your Epson printer, you can experience Epson printer not printing error. It is sure that users can experience any kind of issues with their printer while printing procedure. So if you are using Epson printer for printing services, you can hardly experience Epson printer not printing problem. This is a common error, which is normally experienced by many users. Before applying effective Epson printer troubleshooting steps, you should know its main reasons exactly.

Major Technical Reasons of Epson printer not printing error-

There are many reasons of Epson printer not printing issue. This error takes place due to several reasons. Before resolving this technical issue, you need to know the main reasons of this technical glitch.

  • Wrong set up of Epson printer
  • Your Epson printer not connected to computer system correctly
  • Printer port settings cannot match exactly with the printer connection port
  • Your Epson printer is not known as a default printer
  • Updated driver is not installed correctly
  • Virus attack or malware threat
  • Corrupted printer file
  • Problems with the firmware of your printer driver
  • Updated windows of the computer system is not supporting your Epson printer driver

Easy Technical Instructions to Resolve Epson printer not printing issue-

If you’re experiencing Epson printer not printing error, you should follow these instructions step by step. All these steps are very helpful to solve this error in the right ways.

Method 1- Check connection correctly

Often, the corrupted connection can create Epson printer not printing error, so first of all, you should check all the wires and connections properly.
Step1- Check the USB cable connection carefully
Step2- Make sure that your wireless Epson printer is connected properly with the computer system
Step3- Check carefully if there is a problem with the Internet speed
Step4- Make sure that your Epson printer and computer system are connected with the similar Wi-Fi
Step5- You should switch off your Epson printer and computer system, insert power supply cord correctly
Step6- Finally, after thirty seconds, you can switch on both your Epson printer and computer system properly. So, you can solve Epson printer not printing error easily. If not, you can go for next Epson printer troubleshooting step.

Method2-Remove Former Printing Commands

Step1-After opening your Epson printer, you should go to choose printer settings option
Step2- Find out the printers and scanners on the search bar menu
Step3- in the Printers window section, you can choose your Epson printer correctly
Step4- Make right-click on your Epson printer and then, you need to click on Printer Queue or See what’s printing options.
Step5- In the fresh window menu, you will observe all the printing former printing commands.
Step6:- Finally, you can choose all or one by one remove all the printing jobs.

Method3- Reinstall Epson Printer Correctly

Often when Your Epson printer not printing error is not resolved fully, you should reinstall Epson printer driver correctly. You need to follow this procedure.

Step1-You need to open the printer window and choose Epson printer from the given list
Step2-Vist Epson printer setup page, you need to choose the printer drivers and software of your Epson printer to reinstall them properly
Step3--- You need to click on the “download” button
Step4-Search the downloaded file of your Epson printer and after that, you should make double Click on the presently downloaded file
Step5- You should click on the “install” option and follow on-screen steps correctly
Step6-Wait for a few seconds, your printer drivers and software are installed properly, you should not close the windows exactly during the installation procedure.
Step7- You should click on the “Finish” option
Step8- You must switch off your computer system and Epson printer and after that, you can open them easily
Step9-Finally, test your Epson printer by printing a page, you can make sure that Epson printer not printing is resolved or not.

With the assistance of all these Epson printer troubleshooting instructions, you can fix Epson printer not printing problem. These steps are very useful to fix this error. Still, if you’re facing this error, you can contact our printer technicians to get full technical support.


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